The Mental Gymnastics of Identitarians

distorted alternative realities of gas-lighters

Palestinians have begun to rejoice at the news that the 10 day siege which has killed over 200 Palestinians, one-third of these children, and many of these entire families, which has wiped out two media offices, the road the the hospital, much infrastructure and it’s Covid-19 medical expert. Naturally the Zionists have reframed this as “Palestinians celebrating a Hamas victory.” Because identitarians lie to promote their dishonest dogmatic and fascist narrative. Ultimately all identitarians devolve into fascist groups. The need to conflate Palestinians with Hamas, the need to subhumanise Palestinians, the need to make pro-Palestinian = anti-Semitic, the deliberate refusal to acknowledge the blockade, the encroaching illegal settler activity and the violence perpetrated by the Israeli regime. The deliberate refusal to see Palestinian fight for survival as resistance and the insistence on conflating Palestinian fight to survive with anti-Semitism—all the mental gymnastics employed by Zionist identitarians in their bid to obfuscate.

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I recognise this game, the Genderists play this game. They invoke false accusations of bigotry and hate in response to women asserting and fighting for our sex-based rights. The wokesters can’t even hear the word “female” without crying transphobia. Several journalists and politicians have tried to insinuate that female sex based rights—which are protected by the Canadian Constitution, the law of the land which governs all other laws—is hateful, ie a human rights violation. That’s a bold-faced lie, asserting that constitutional rights are a human rights violation! Wokesters actually want everyone to believe that constitutional rights are a human rights violation because they prevent the validation of transgender identitarians via invading female spaces and sports and trampling women’s rights. For Genderists to be sated, female people need to stop existing, we need to let ourselves be eroded, we need to just give up our basic human rights, we should become spare body parts and breeding machines for them, we should just forgo our constitutional rights to please the Genderists. Why? Because female people are not really human, we are subhuman. We are collateral. We are also a threat to SAFETY (ie validation) because we are an anathema to the identity.

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Sounds familiar to Palestinians. They are constantly gaslit, told their right of return, their right simply to live free from daily apartheid persecution, their right to resist oppression and abuse by the fascist state—is terrorism! How can a people’s fight for survival be terrorism? Unless you don’t believe they have the right to exist? Unless you believe their existence alone makes them the enemy? The validation of the dominant identity takes precedence over the humanity of all else … identitarians love to fcuk with language and so they call validation of the dominant or favoured identity SAFETY.

Ooh, this feels very unsafe for me right now, the identitarians will say and everyone will run to stroke their favourite pet victims and then launch a witch hunt to punish the evil demon who committed the blasphemy of refusing to validate the pet victim.

This is the gaslight which scapegoats live with every day.

“People who harm you will blame you for it. Remember, an abuser will generally always play the victim, spin a story, tell everyone and they generally call you crazy.”
― Maranda Pleasant

Those who have tormented and harmed the Palestinians, and those who have contributed to the harm, blame the Palestinians for their suffering. They want everyone to forget the occupation was happening long before Hamas was a gleam in anyone’s eyes.

Again, this will sound familiar to anyone who has suffered abuse—abusers are first and foremost victims who have spiralled into a radical mindset that justifies violence and violent acting out. And the abuser will blame the victim because s/he does not have the capacity to see their own self and own culpability. Yet the power imbalance that makes the abuse possible always remains, as a reminder of reality. Cracks eventually appear in the façade. Remember that behaviour is a response. Remember that strong currents underlie the narratives being shoved down our throats by a very dishonest media and cultural environment. Remember that most people do not have principles, they have dogma and identities.

“Any man who changes his principles depending on the situation is not a man who can lead…”

—Nelson Mandela