The Creation of A False Narrative

what's that Malcolm X said about victim and oppressor?

"The press is so powerful in its image-making role, it can make a criminal look like he's the victim and make the victim look like he's the criminal ... If you aren't careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing."  -Malcolm X, 1964

This video clip would have you believe a terrible anti-semitic attack took place and that evil savage Palestinian young men beating on a poor innocent Jewish man simply proves Palestinians are the culprit and cannot be trusted … it’s in their DNA to be subhuman or some such thing.

However, when you step back, gather the facts and look at a longer video clip of the incident you get a different impression of the events. When you see the man, the so-called “victim” standing at a street corner, armed with a bat, waiting for pro Palestinian boys to walk by, flanked by his (known JDL member) associates, who are waiting, menacingly, armed with bats, ready to inflict damage, looking to instigate a fight—you see another narrative. When you see the Palestinian dude motion to his friend keep walking cuz it’s not worth it, you see a different narrative. When you see the still shot of Greg Nisanv brandishing a knife, you no longer see him as the victimised “old Jewish man receiving a beating”. When you see the video of he and his mate, Uri Kroneblut, talking about their Zionist anti Palestinian biker gang Riders of the Covenant, you have entered a different realm.

When the initial video appeared, showing the pro Palestinian boys defending themselves, everyone, especially local politicians and pundits, quickly reacted with outrage. Zionists will of course believe that pro Palestinians are the thugs and instigators of hate motivated violence. This is how propagandists create false narratives, this is the raison d’être of hate groups such as JDL—to obfuscate and twist and manipulate the discourse.

Zionism lies at the heart of anti Muslim hatred in the west—Zionism is a pet project of white christian nationalists in the Eurocentric west. Christian extremists are driving the bus here, let’s stop pretending they aren’t a massive political force in America and Europe. Atheists hide their hatred behind secularism aka laicité. No matter what identity they choose, the hate remains unchanged. And these imperialists can shut down any dissident in an instance by screaming false accusations of anti-semitic. Protip—invoke a victimhood narrative to instantly shut down discussion!

It strikes me how this incident with Greg Nisanv and his JDL mates in Toronto and the reaction it garnered is an allegory for the entire western perception of Israel and Palestinians. What’s that Malcolm X said about the oppressor looking like the victim? See above if you’ve forgotten.

The Abuse of Apartheid Continues, Despite the Ceasefire

The “ceasefire” took effect at 2 am. The next day, the Israeli police force stormed Al Aqsa mosque, fired sound bombs and rubber bullets and beat men and women, too. The police arrested several men before releasing them. Worshippers had gathered at the third holiest site of Islam for Friday prayers, they had taken a moment to celebrate the “ceasefire”, an end to 10 harrowing days of Israeli bombing which killed 63 children and over 200 Palestinians, including several families in their entirety.

To those who spew the bullsh1t Human Shield narrative—stop lying! Here’s some information for you. The entire Gaza region is considered a legitimate target according to the Israeli Regime. So, you think that every single civilian in Gaza is fair game? Do you think the IDF is using civilians as “Human Shields” when it broadcasts from civilian sites? Of course you don’t so cut your lies and bullsh1t rhetorical manipulation! How do Gazans escape when they are locked into an unliveable open air prison? They don’t. They cannot leave. No one does anything in Gaza without the occupation, ie the Israeli Regime, knowing about it. Gazans only have self defense, to which International Law entitles them. Self defense of Gazans is not terrorism.

Sex based rights and the humanity of female people is not nazism or white supremacy as the Genderists falsely claim, and Gazans rebelling against an occupying force and engaging self defense against state brutality is not terrorism or anti semitism as Zionists falsely claim.

Enjoy the ceasefire everyone, however, apartheid continues, as evidenced by the fact that Israeli Police storm peaceful gatherings of Palestinians, and that gatherings and even mobs of Israelis and Israeli settlers essentially are met with no police resistance, or worst, receive police protection! The AP building in Gaza got bombed but that didn’t stop the AP from firing one of it’s journos for having taken a Pro Palestinian stance! Is this a new thing now? Can we get all the American journos who supported Zionism fired, now? I mean, we know where Wolf Blizter worked before his time with CNN, right (AIPAC)?

Oh wait, I forgot, the colonials are allowed to do anything they want with impunity. It’s the colonised and any heretic who dares support the humanity of the colonised who must be controlled and censored! Same old colonial bullsh1t.

You should know that I had more trouble than is usual uploading “Free Palestine” graphics to this post, I experimented with a few things and I’m not rushing out to buy my tin foil hat, however having my Facebook ad account suspended for promoting a post featuring a Free Gaza Free Palestine tee shirt leaves me feeling wary that censorship of pro-Palestinian content does happen. And we all know what’s happening to people who support Palestinian humanity and liberation—they’re getting cancelled and punished for their dissidence.

Just like Genderists get anything that challenges their lies censored and crushed, just like they have been gleefully punishing anyone who “offends them,” makes them “feel unsafe”—so to do the Zionists. Genderists will call me a transphobe for my dissidence and Zionists will call me an anti-semite for my dissidence. Islamist extremists will call me a Bad Hijabi for my rebellious nature. Because that’s what oppressive authoritarian dogmatists do—they invent an offense and they accuse their dissenters of said offense—this is how they control the narrative and manipulate discourse and shift the truth. Foucault was right when he surmised how “truth” is really manufactured. Both sides of the political spectrum misunderstood Foucault in profoundly asinine ways. Still, enough sound minds exist who do grasp his meaning. Note truth is not reality in this Foucauldian context.

I’m A Heretic-Sinner-Bad Hijabi

Go ahead, gather your wood. Go ahead, build your pyres. Go ahead, get your matches and torches ready. You want to burn me at the stake for my disobedience? HAHAHAHA. Stand in line, there’s a whole crew of you assholes waiting to punish and cancel me for my disobedience! Why do you think I call myself Bad Hijabi in the first place?

But keep telling me we aren’t being controlled by the press, by social media, by oligarchs who own the giant multinational corporations who control the press and social media and who influence charity and activism work, and the political stage through these channels, via their “charity foundations”. LOL, did you actually think wealthy billionaire philanthropists do any of their work out of altruism? Hahahaha. Nah, bruh, they do it to influence, they do it to control and govern without getting elected. The Tide Foundation seems aptly named for a charity foundation, doncha think?

How free are we, really? How controlled are we, really? What is truth? Are you sure you believe what you’re being told by the culture and media that feeds you daily? How many bullsh1t sandwiches will we all deep throat before we decide we’ve had enough?

Go back to the beginning of this essay and read the Malcolm X quote. Think about those words very carefully. Beware the euphemisms because they carry the lies. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Note that a power imbalance where there’s an oppressor and the oppressed in battle is not a conflict, it’s abuse. You don’t think it’s a conflict when a 6 ft 250 lb man is wailing on his 3 ft 30 lb child, do you? No. You call that abuse. Wake up. Stop masturbating that collective western guilt. Think for yourself.