Identity Politics Will Destroy the World

collective narcissism, silencing of dissidents, gaslighting and lying, twisting fact

I really don’t know what to say anymore. Three-quarters of what’s being said comes straight from propaganda playbooks. Purely bullsh1t.

We live in a world governed by collective narcissism, a world governed by leaders who have the emotion intelligence of toddlers, a world which suppresses and discourages independent thinking, dissidence, challenging the narrative, a world which lets the pet victims determine the narrative by which the rest of us must forcefully live. We are literal genocidal bigots if we refuse to deep throat the incendiary lies and bullsh1t claims and faux victimhood and if we refuse to be manipulated by the crocodile tears. How dare anyone set boundaries or criticise the pet victims! Pet victims, by definition, exist above reproach and can commit all sorts of abuse and horrors with impunity.

Genderists are lying. Zionists are lying. Feminists refuse to humanise men and many think expressing violent fantasies in which men are murdered is cool. Genderists deny sex is real and yet go to the greatest efforts to make their secondary sex characteristics look like the opposite sex because gender. Genderist lie when they deny detransitioners exist. Genderist lie when they deny that chemically castrating a pubescent child sterilises the child. Genderists lie when they deny that “transitioning” children is basically eugenics. Genderists lie when they deny that permanently and devastatingly altering a child’s body and rendering them incapable of having sex or procreating is the best remedy for puberty and adolescent angst. Zionists refuse to humanise Palestinians. Zionists see Palestinian resistance as a threat. Zionists encourage the terrors and apartheid of the Israeli regime. Zionists repress and silence the truth of the war crimes and being committed. Zionists, like Genderists, make their victims their scapegoat.

Identity Politics involves perceived victimhood based and dogmatic self definition. Identity Politics also involves the demand for external validation because the identity essentially only exists if others capitulate to the often abusive and violent demands for validation. Identitarians adopt a scapegoat, because victimhood, being predicated on an egotistical refusal to self responsibility, needs an object to dehumanise and abuse, an object toward which it can and will direct all of it’s contempt and darkness and hatred.

Truth is a lie. Lies are the truth. The oppressors are favoured and the oppressed are vilified. The language of obfuscation shrouds our ability to access truth. Everyone participates when they use the euphemism and then excuse themselves and they continue participating in the lie because who wants to resist when the identity fascists are hoovering, ready to destroy your life through a smear campaign? Fear rules.

Gaslighters all around conflate trying to understand with excusing and justifying. Emotionally stupid people act out their bullsh1t and cannot deal in facts and reality and need all of us to carry their emotional baggage and wear their toxic reactivity. Selfish and ignorant self indulgent people make everyone masturbate their egos.

Identity serves ego. Egos. Raging sick disturbed egos. That is what is at the heart of chaos. Identity politics isn’t just wokeness, it’s christian nationalism, it’s zionism, islamism, feminism, secularism. It’s any kind of nationalism. There are many more identities than this—there are those seeking to make emotional/psychological distress, ie “mental illness”, an identity, those who insist autism is an identity and not a neurologic disability.

Ego. Your ego ain’t your amigo. Nafsi nafsi often it’s not about you. The answer is in the pain—you have to seek and find it. Making others wear your pain won’t bring you relief or joy. We don’t all need to wear your pain. We really can’t wear your pain, it’s too heavy. Please stop making others carry your pain.

And, look at this. I have written far more than I imagined I could and I feel so sad and I just want to cry for humanity and I also feel an edge of rage that makes me want to scream obscenities at humanity. Anyone who feels certain I believe hasn’t looked deeply enough into snarl of human chaos. The more I uncover and understand the more I realise how much still remains uncovered and unknown and unrealised.