Heat Dome

a story in illustrations

Dawg, it’s been HOT. H-O-T hot. Like, natural disaster hot and people dying of heat stroke hot. A village in BC catching fire and burning hot.

Did I mention it’s been HOT? Like unable to focus or think or string cogent thoughts together hot and unable to sit at the computer hot. Because the computer gets to hot because everything is hot. Because it’s hot. And my full-sun flowering plants are saying woah too much. Yeah, HOT.

These are the days you live on ice cream sandwiches/cones and freezie pops. You put your drinking glasses in the freezer and you put ice cubes in the cat’s water dishes. It’s HOT. Have some ice cream. Chill. Can’t do much in the heat dome.

The heat is apocalyptic, like I said Lytton BC is on fire. The whole damned village got evacuated. My bestie and I decided we should start an act, you know sort of like Thelma and Louise only we don’t die because we’re Cockroach and Twinkie, the only things that will survive the apocalypse.

So, I’m just over here on the left coast—the beautiful apocalypse I like to call Vancouver. I’m living my Hijabista Life. Yeah, Hijabista, because apparently, according to orthodox sexist trolls who have a self righteous sanctimony complex, any opinionated hijabi who is out there making a difference, leading activism endeavours and speaking out against injustice and oppression—is a hijabista. I love the term, meant as a pejorative, so I adopted it as my own.

So, it’s been hot. That’s essentially it. And the world still burns, both figuratively and literally. A British judge ruled that males can be housed in female prison despite the increased risk and fear to female inmates because the interest of these males who feel like women outweighs that of the female prisoners. Basically, men matter more so fcuk you women get raped and terrorised and live in fear and have nowhere to escape the horror because men with LADYFEELZ. I’m over that bullsh1t, and I’m over Queer Activism. Fcuk Queer, it’s a slur.

All illustrations and lettering done by me on my iPad in Procreate. I take commissions. Please check out my Shoppe gallery and look at my style before making your decision to hire me to illustrate your portrait or project.