Does Anyone Really Want to Fix Things?

in which i doubt the sincerity of humanity and question collective ulterior motives

I see many pockets of identities across human society around the globe—in every society, culture, religion. I see a pattern repeat itself—a designated victim, a particular conceptualisation of victimhood, a designated scapegoat, dehumanisation of the scapegoat. I see that most people exist with an identity tribe and therefore have a designated scapegoat they cannot humanise. I see that the tribalism and scapegoating benefits some in society, and that it serves some kind of societal purpose. I’m rather skeptical, therefore, that anyone actually wants to fix what’s wrong. For one, many have built an entire cult of personality around their war—without a war who would they be? So having a thing to oppose can seem defining to many.

We often choose the narrative we wish to hear. We choose who to amplify and acknowledge. The media promotes its own agenda in the narratives it captures. Who owns the media? Everything is connected. No one really benefits from progress, well I guess only all the wrong kind of people would benefit from solutions-based collaborative discourse centred around embracing fact-based material reality. Most of us are too busy engaged in our identity orgies to be arsed.

Everyone is Machiavelli these days.