Because Whypipo Have Never Suffered?

"imagine if this were a mass grave of white children"

Well, race war agitators, you don’t have to imagine, because it actually happened! And if you bothered to inform yourself about the world in which we live, you would know! But life in your stifling little echo chamber prevents you from bothering to reach out beyond yourselves or your intellectual comfort zone. And this is why the world is the way it is—because we have a bunch of sick and dysregulated egos making it about themselves and failing to seek a common humanity.

A mass grave of 800 babies and toddlers uncovered on the grounds of the Bon Secours Sisters’ orphanage in Taum, Ireland during a national inquiry in that country happened after years of research by Catherine Corless—she made headlines and this led to a national inquiry. The grave was discovered in 2017. A simple field in Ireland housed an underground chamber of horrors. Seventeen underground chambers contained the remains of children ranging in age from premature babies to three years old.

“The very high rate of infant mortality (first year of life) in Irish mother and baby homes is probably the most disquieting feature of these institutions. The death rate among ‘illegitimate’ children was always considerably higher than that among ‘legitimate’ children but it was higher still in mother and baby homes: in the years 1945-46, the death rate among infants in mother and baby homes was almost twice that of the national average for ‘illegitimate’ children. A total of about 9,000 children died in the institutions under investigation - about 15% of all the children who were in the institutions. In the years before 1960 mother and baby homes did not save the lives of ‘illegitimate’ children; in fact, they appear to have significantly reduced their prospects of survival. The very high mortality rates were known to local and national authorities at the time and were recorded in official publications.”

Executive summary of the Final Report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes

What spurred Corless to delve into this history? The sacking of Taum originally peaked her interested and she began to research the town. When she visited the site of the home, locals began telling her about a grotto and graveyard, and she heard tales of bits of bones being discovered on the grounds by some boys who were playing there the 1970s: people said, ‘there’s a big crypt there with a lot of bones in it’, and they assumed that in olden times someone put a crypt there and I said, ‘no, the maps are telling me this is a sewage tank, that it’s not crypt’.

Corless went to the local vital statistics office to discover the fate of the children who lived in that home and she discovered that a staggering 796 of them died between 1920 and 1961, when the home closed. The Catholic diocese didn’t want to know. The Bon Secours order didn’t want to know. The local town council didn’t want to know. No one responsible for this home and these children knew anything or wanted to know anything about this mass grave with 17 chambers of horrors filled with the corpses of 800 dead babies.

I’m recounting this story because I believe it’s important for all to know, and because I’ve just seen in my facebook feed this response to the recent discovery of a mass grave of 215 indigenous children in Kamloops: imagine if this were a mass grave of white children.

What? Right, because whilst the Catholics were abusing and killing indigenous children they definitely weren’t also doing that to white children? Oh, right because whypipo have never suffered any collective trauma? Hahahaha. Oh, okay. Y’all who think this have never read history, have you? Why are we making this into a race war? How will this help solve anything if we inject tribal hatred into the mix? When has hatred and ignorance ever led humans to solve anything?

When you investigate the story of the Kamloops mass grave, you see the same things as you see when you investigate Taum—locals murmuring amongst themselves about stories of the grave site, staunch denial by authoritative bodies who would have been responsible for the institution, and hence the children. Eighty-four-year-old Emma Baker was a student at the Kamloops residential school. She says there were always “rumours” about a graveyard.

Emma Baker says apologies mean nothing. I agree. I also think land acknowledgements and virtue signalling mean nothing. It’s easy to pay lip service, just like being a Catholic and stepping into the confessional box and reciting your litany of sins for the priest so he can give you absolution and you both can get on with your day like everything is cool. You went and spewed some rehearsed bullsh1t confession through a screen and now your soul is in a state of grace until next time you have to repeat the performance. It’s cool, right? Nah, it’s not cool. Nothing is cool right now. Virtue signalling, tearing your shirt, wearing and projecting your guilt and rage—none of these serve humanity or compassion. These are ego responses, they masturbate egos.

I don’t know what the answer is, in totality. I only know that separation is an illusion and that evil catholic religious and their superiors committed mass atrocities against humanity. Not just indigenous humans, also white humans. I call for an investigation of every single residential facility operated by the catholic and anglican churches and their religious orders—every single residential facility in the country. All, not just residential schools for the indigenous—all facilities.

I leave you with a final question—why do you think Québec is as anti-religious as it is? From where, exactly, do you think laïcité emerged? Do you not see this as a response to the abusive and evil catholic oppression which harmed society?

This has always been class war, not a race war. The class war still exists and the race wars are essentially a war against lower class people.

Do better. Stop essentialising race.