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Because you crave the connection of epistolary writing. You miss the organic screen connection we used to get from Blogger. Because you want to know more than what I could tell you in 280 characters. Because you want to know what goes on inside the chrysalis. Because you like spice.

Because you love secrets, confessions, the occasional sarcastic rant, irreverence, compassion, cats, and transformation. Because you love off-the-beaten-path eccentricity and sass. Because a menopausal hijab-wearing crone who drops the f-bomb more than she ought to and listens to punk, rap and industrial music has opinions and insights you just might want to read about.

Because cats and cheese and Vancouver. Because trips to Safeway where I have to go to the family planning section to get Monostat and the Asian portion of the frozen food section has stupid things like beef curry, which makes me think about the colonial fetishisation of Indian food and that irritates me. Because death and grief and the imaginary world called Cat Vagus under my bed which is like Diagon Alley realm for cats.

Because you want to read weird essays about death and grief and illness and an empty love affair with self annihilation in the wake of trauma in your bathtub at 2 am when the flat is silent and you can’t sleep. Because you voyeuristically want to listen to someone’s confessions without having to absolve them of anything at all and without having to keep any of it secret.

Personal essays and epistolary writing provide a glimpse that deeps our connection and honours the human condition. The truth when thrown down can seem awful and scary and also ridiculous and joyful and messy. Bismillah.

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