We Can't Have Nice Things in Canada

The Canadian Media Won't Let Us

Yesterday marked the inaugural Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada, a day established to honour the victims of the Residential School Genocide. Yes, forcibly removing the children from a particular group and handing them over to another group—that’s one of the UN definitions of genocide, y’all need to get over it and accept that this country did indeed commit genocide against Indigenous people. Facts do not care about your feelings.

So, we had a federal holiday across the country, not all provinces participated, whatever. The government established this day with the objective … to create a chance for Canadians to learn about and reflect on a dark chapter in their country’s history and to commemorate the survivors, their families and their communities, as called for by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Indigenous leaders. When the Liberals announced it, they stated the day should be indigenous-focussed, and not led by the federal government.

It does seem fitting that government ministers, and all politicians really, keep a low profile, avoid using the day for photo ops or to further their own personal political agenda. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have one day where politicians and media spin doctors put down their egos and let the focus remain on the victims of the Residential School Genocide? Could we not just have one day where we shut the fck up and stay quiet, and find our way to reflect on what happened, and on the discoveries and unmarked graves and what it all means, and how to move forward?

No, huh?

Apparently Canadians can’t have a nice thing like that because the media is an asshole and needed to make this another opportunity to promote divisiveness. Gawd forbid we go one day without stalking politicians, without stalking the PM, without recording and monitoring his every move, practically salivating over his agenda. Yeah, how unreasonable to expect that we could all be grown-ups about this one flipping day!

Let’s review the past few weeks for Trudeau. September 20th ended a gruelling election campaign in which people spewed aggression and hatred and even threw rocks at the Prime Minister. September 28th marked the 21st anniversary of his father’s death, one he really never got to experience in private, because when you are Pierre’s son you rarely get any privacy, not really. Have you lost your father? I went mad four years ago when my dad died, and I didn’t have the entire country gawking at me and the Canadian press stalking me whilst I tried to come to terms with a world without my dad. Also my dad wasn’t one of the most famous Canadian figures in the history of this country. October 2nd would be the late Michel Trudeau’s 46th birthday. Trudeau attended the Ottawa reconciliation ceremony and has spoken to several survivors about their experience and stories over the past few days.

So, IDK about anyone else, but I think that’s quite a psychological and emotional load for anyone to carry and endure, and human beings have their limits. Let’s not forget Trudeau has a family, he has young children. OMG how dare he take time away with his family in a beautiful part of Canada which has a rich Indigenous history and culture! How dare he refuse to trot himself out to every single ceremony that leaders wanted him to attend because he deliberately wanted to avoid making the day about him, his presence, and his speeches and his hair and his whatever. OMG how dare he shun invitations which would have put the focus on him! In the end, he couldn’t win, the media is an ass, we can’t have nice things here.

LOL, it’s comical the way everyone seems eager to outrage about the stupidest things. It’s a form of lustful behaviour, I see the glee in those who love to outrage. Gotta get those dopamine hits! Look, I’m not a particular fan of Justin Trudeau, in fact I’m angry about a few things he’s done—however this has nothing to do with that. I am also not a fan of manipulation by the media and being told what to think and feel by leaders and journalists. Remember when journalists used to report facts and avoid deliberately misleading with hyperbole or sermonising? Yeah, I miss those days. This day—isn’t about journos. It isn’t about politicians. It isn’t about leaders. No, not even the chiefs who spoke out saying they felt snubbed by Trudeau declining their invitations. No, it’s not about any individuals who are mad that Justin Trudeau didn’t do what he wanted them to.

Ok, so big deal, his itinerary said one thing and he was having quiet time in Tofino. Um, yeah, the stalkers are mad I guess because he threw them off the trail. Jeezus, the predation of stalking him down the beach on a private walk with his young daughter—AYFKM?? What happened to boundaries? What happened to Truth and Reconciliation Day being a day to focus on Residential Schools, the genocide of Indigenous people, The Pass System, stories like Chanie Wenjack’s? There is a plethora of stuff out there to focus on.

But, nah, asshole Canadian media gonna make it about them chasing around a politician, and then other white politicians gonna get in on it and look at me says NDP’s Charlie Angus, look at me in my Orange Shirt, performing my reconciliation with all these voters! Oh, but it’s not about me though, but did you see my picture because I did a thing for Indigenous people today, aren’t I awesome? FFS, seriously? Why does this country feel like a flipping throwback to grade 7? Are we 12 years old again? Because it feels like this country is populated by teenagers with low emotional IQ and raging hormones, or cats in heat. Why can’t we have a nice grown up day where we put our egos down, grab a tank of humility, and shut the fcuk up and be silent and listen and learn? Why does anyone need any politician, including the PM, at their ceremony to honour this Genocide and its victims? Do people still need that kind of validation?

The establishment of this day was one of the 94 recommendations of the TRC by the way, and the Canadian media fckd it up. Way to go media, just being you and spewing bullsh1t and manipulating through your flipping teeth at every waking moment. I’m so bloody sick of you lot, media. I’m also sick of the whingy conservative clowns and their disingenuous tabloidesque treatment of everything they touch. I’m tired of woke whypipo—all wokes, but especially the whypipo, they take the cake—policing everyone on a day when they needed to STFU and not respond to attempts at stirring sh1t.


I’m tired. Of the hostility, the rage, the aggression, the justification of abuse and rudeness. I’m tired. Of the ego posturing, of the absolute lack of humility and self awareness. We really need to talk more about collective trauma and it’s impact on society. Canada, and the world really, needs compassion more than ever.

Photo by Tandem X Visuals on Unsplash

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